To have an intimate and professional practice, with a state of the art fabrication laboratory and top quality people, providing a holistic rehabilitation of patients through a well -established network of multi-disciplinary practitioners, thus ensuring that both their physical and emotional needs are addressed, therefore aiding a prompt and successful recovery.

Prosthetic Services

Prosthetics is not just the supply of an artificial limb, but it is the culmination of an integrated service resulting in the patient being assisted to continue where possible to follow the lifestyle of his / her choice.

Following a consultation with the patient and taking cogniscance of the patient’s past and present activities and future needs, a prosthesis is designed and custom fabricated in a internationally equipped fabrication centre. The final prosthesis is designed with optimum performance, fit and comfort in mind. Continuous patient feedback throughout the entire process is essential.

Finally the patient is educated on the care and maintenance of a prosthesis and is provided with a range of skin care products. In providing the optimum prosthetic solution the patient is able to test their limits, whether it be on the sports field or playing an active role in society and the work place.

Additional Services offered to amputees:
Transport to and from consultations
Accommodation for patients from out of town